Vauxhall Carlton GSi 3000 24V - G939 VPK

I bought this car after a short spell (2 weeks) in a Carlton 2.0i Diplomat. I am a little unsure about the history of the car (no MOT's or service book) and I am fairly sure it had been clocked as it was showing 55k when I bought it. It cost me 6,000 and I bought around the time I turned 21. I did not have any major problems with the car apart from a rattly clutch release bearing. I had to sell it due to a long commute to work and ended up in another Carlton Diplomat.

If you know the whereabouts of this car, please e-mail me

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Mileage when sold:    63,000

Current status:    Tax expired 1st July 1998 - presumed scrapped