Opel Lotus Omega 0195D

When I sold my first Lotus Omega I set myself a target of 2 years before I would buy another one after moving in to my new house. I managed to last 4 months before coming across a freshly imported car from Cologne at an importer's in Norfolk. There in the courtyard was a partially tired looking Lotus Omega with around 78,000 miles on it with a few scratches and dents but after a test drive, found to be machanically very good. After some haggling I agreed a price with the vendor stating that I did not require a warranty but I wanted 12 months MOT and UK plates on it. This was arranged oand I collected the car on Christmas Eve 1998. I have spent some time and money on 0195 and it is now back to showroom condition - for more details, have a look at the section of this site entitled 'My Old Lotus Omega'. I have now sold this car to ny dad so at least it is still in the family..

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Mileage when sold:    Unkown

Current status:    Exported to the USA