Opel Lotus Omega 0128D - H720 DFG

ENTER THE BEAST!! This was a chance purchase. After lusting after a Lotus Carlton for 5 years and never thinking I would get one, I happened to buy a copy of Exchange & Mart and noticed a LHD Lotus carlton for sale for 18,750. I dutifully went to have a look and agreed a price for my Senator (500 more than I paid for it!!) and didi the deal. I believe that this was one of the first LHD Lotus Carltons in the UK (July 1997) and with only 36k miles on the click it was a steal. Unfortunately, after 13 months of ownership, I had to sell the car as I wanted to buy a house. The gentleman who bought already had a RHD Lotus carlton and wanted to break it up to put the parts in to a Senator. Interestingly, my old car has now been re-built from a badly written-off Lotus Carlton and has been converted to RHD. Definately worth steering clear of!!

If you know the whereabouts of this car, please e-mail me

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Mileage when sold:    45,000

Current status:    Tax expired 1st May 2005, status unknown