Chassis Numbers

The Lotus Carlton/Omega cars had specific vehicle identification numbers (VINs). At the bottom of this page is an explanation of the coding of the Special Edition build number coding. An explanation follows as to what the VIN number means:

This is a typical VIN from a Lotus Carlton/Omega:

VIN tag

S C C 0 0 0 0 1 9 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 7

S C C Manufacturer's Code:

S C C = Lotus

19 Model:

19 = Carlton-A-Lotus 4 Door Saloon

19 = Omega-A-Lotus 4 Door Saloon

M Model Year Code:

L = 1990

M = 1991

N = 1992

1 Production Plant Code:

1 = Lotus Cars, Hethel

123437 6-digit chassis number

Build Number:

The full special edition build number is found on the far left of the slam panel. The number 104 is printed on the top of the plate, this is the Lotus type number. Below this is a punched number, for example:

Special Edition Plate


0195 Specific vehicle number from 0001 to 0950
D Country code of the country that the car was originally manufactured for:

A = Austria

B = Belgium

C = Switzerland

D = Germany

E = Spain

F = France

G = Great Britain

R = Italy

S = Singapore

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