Lotus Carlton Links

The following links are all Lotus Carlton related, if you have, or know of, a  Lotus Carlton/Omega site, e-mail the Web Author with the details.

LC890G.co.uk Dave Franczak's incredible story about the restoration of his LC (and sadly, the demise of two others).
AutobahnStormers The biggest Lotus Carlton/Omega owner's club.
Paul Mitchell's Lotus Carlton Site See the technical info and pictures about Paul's car.
Malcolm Robb's Lotus Carlton Site Useful info for potential buyers and general info - an owner's story
John Hunter's Lotus Carlton pages Pages including photos of Lotus Carltons and associated info
Martin Painter's Lotus Carlton pages Pictures of Mann Egerton's Lotus Carlton
Stefan Engstr�m's site Lotus Carlton/Omega from Sweden
Marko Haverinen's Site Opel tuning company in Finland
German Lotus Omega Site German Lotus Omega Site
Steve Smith's Lotus Carlton Site UK Lotus Omega site
Kjetil's Lotus Omega site Danish Lotus Omega site
Teemu Anttinen's Lotus Omega Site Finnish Lotus Omega Site
Another Dave Evans' Lotus Omega site UK Lotus Omega site
Hans Pankalla's Lotus Omega/EVO 500 site German Lotus Omega and EVO 500 site
Marco Mallapel's Lotus Omega site Swiss Lotus Omega site
Jon Paul Lockyer's LC Replica Site The finest form of flattery
Steve Pugh's LC Replica Site More flattery from Steve
Richard Brunt's Lotus Carlton Site UK Lotus Carlton site
Monorep Lotus Carlton Dealership in West London
Joe Ellis' Lotus Carlton Site Parts for sale (both genuine and OEM) along with details of his very interesting car
Infinicar Specialist in high performance cars and parts. The company owner has a Lotus Carlton and has a good stock of second hand LC parts.