Lotus Factory Visit

On Thursday 6th September, 12 LC drivers plus several other LC owners went up for a factory tour of the Lotus factory at Hethel, Norfolk. The idea being to meet up at a local pub for lunch and then move on to the factory for a tour and generate some interest at the home of the LC and LO. Below are several pictures taken on the day:

Pub 3.jpg (31585 bytes)

We lined as many cars in a row as possible...

Pub 8.jpg (25713 bytes)

Lotus Carltons and Omegas viewed over the topof an Omega Evo 500.

Lotus-EVO-HSV-Bitter-2.jpg (29354 bytes)

There were several other interesting cars with us:

Opel Omega Evo 500 (1 of 2 known in the UK)
Holden Commodore HSV GTS-R (1 of 8 in the UK)
Bitter SC Coupe (1 of less than 30 in the UK)

Line-up 2.jpg (24994 bytes)

LC's as far as the eye can see..

Line-up 5.jpg (27484 bytes)

..outside Lotus reception.